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Adult Rowing Information

All crews are led by museum-trained coxswains who are part of a comprehensive safety infrastructure, regularly reviewed and approved by the museum Board's Safety Committee. All rowers must comply with the safety demands of the program, as presented to the crew by the coxswain. All rowers should learn and understand the safety protocols in the boat, as well as the on-land "designated worrier" system that covers every boat on the water.

With the goal of maintaining a club-wide high-level of readiness and skill, all rowers must participate annually in "drownproofing," the museum's fundamental on-the- water safety drill. Drownproofings are scheduled in the fall, and include all youth and adult club rowers.

Membership Dues

  • Annual rowing membership is $100
  • This amount, plus a $25 museum membership fee, is due by your third row.
  • If you are unable to pay this amount at one time, please contact Corinne Leung at the museum (781-925-5433) to arrange a payment plan.

Rowing Schedule

  • At the Windmill Point Boathouse
  • Year-round
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays, 7:30 a.m.
  • Races and events are held throughout the year. Dues paying members receive advance notification of all events. Most races have separate event fees, due on the day of the event.
  • All club members are welcome to participate in all rowing activities.
While the adult club has no policy regarding annual hours of volunteerism, in the spirit of the crew we expect that all club members will donate meaningful time and effort to the advancement of the program. Three areas of greatest need are:

  • Youth Program Support (events and coaching back-up)
  • Site and Boat Ma intenance (both routine and scheduled "clean-up" days)
  • Race Support (food prep and service, boat and site prep, chase/safety boats)
Coxswain's Responsibilities
The safety of the crew and boat are the direct responsibility of the coxswain. Coxswains have different styles, but each must obey the same rules, carry the same responsibilities, and must follow clearly defined safety protocols. The club has three senior coxswains, Ed McCabe, Lory Newmyer, and Corinne Leung. Before leaving shore, on every row, every coxswain must have approval for their voyage from one of the senior coxswains. The coxswain must also complete a trip log, including an approved Designated Worrier, which will remain in the Boathouse. The coxswain is responsible for upholding all safety regulations of the organization.
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