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Upcoming Events

Taste of the South Shore
Friday, January 20, 6:00 p.m.

Upcoming Exhibit

Sea Dogs! Great Tails of the Sea

Race Results

Saturday, February 4,
10:30 a.m.

Snow Row
Saturday, March 4, 11:30 a.m.


2nd Annual Brewster Raid and Camp Out

Saturday - Sunday, June 17 and 18


  1. Meet at Windmill Point, Hull, at 7:30 AM to prepare and pack boats
  2. Depart Windmill Point at 8:30 am, bound for Great Brewster
  3. Set up camp, snack, and get ready for a day of off-island adventures, such as:
    1. Visiting seal rookeries
    2. Exploring Green and Calf Islands
    3. Visiting Outer Brewster Island
    4. Circumnavigating the Brewster Island Archipelago
  4. Return to Great Brewster and flake out
  5. Make dinner, clean-up, savor the evening, adore the island, sleep
  6. Breakfast Sunday morning on the island
  7. Break camp, set forth to visit an island fort, on George's or Lovell's
  8. Have a picnic lunch and play on the island. Anyone up for massive Capture the Flag?
  9. Make landfall at Windmill Point by 3 pm Sunday

Individual Needs:

  1. Tent (appropriate sharing is encouraged) and ground cloth (tarp)
  2. Backpack/Small duffle
  3. Sleeping bag (pad optional)
  4. Clothes (for 30 hours only)
  5. Toiletries
  6. C up, water bottle, plate/bowl, utensils (reusable, not disposable!)
  7. Saturday lunch
  8. < / ol>

    •  Participants must be able to carry 100% of their personal gear in their backpack on their back. We are traveling light .

    •  Anyone who does not have any of the above equipment must inform the organizers ASAP (no later than May 22), so that we can arrange rentals or loans.

    Provisions for the group:

    The trip organizers (HLMI team) will provide the following:

    1. Boats for HLMI crews
    2. Three meals - dinner Saturday night, and breakfast and lunch Sunday
    3. Water for drinking, cooking, dishes �?? no fresh water bathing!
    4. Cook stoves, pots and pans, cooking utensils, and cleanup gear
    5. Safety oversight for all activities

    $10 per person (plus cost of any gear rental)

    Loans of any of gear (tents, bags, packs, cooking gear) will be greatly appreciated. Please discuss willingness and availability with Lory (781-925-5433)

    Brewster Raid Sign Up Form


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