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Nantasket Roads Regatta

The Nantasket Roads Regatta is a 5.5-mile, late spring race that circumnavigates Little Brewster Island and Boston Light and bisects the entire Brewster Archipelago, beginning and ending in front of the museum’s Windmill Point Boathouse at Hull Gut. While the course is mystically beautiful and satisfying on its own, it includes a mid-race hiatus (near or on Calf Island) allowing for the greatest enjoyment of the exceptional beauty of the outer Brewster archipelago in springtime. We then begin the second leg of the race in reverse order, with the boats that had progressed to the mid-point most slowly leading the race pack on the route home. This produces the desired result of most boats finishing in the Gut at approximately the same time - without anyone actually knowing (or seemingly caring) who wins.
It is important to acquire reference so that crews are aware of the real navigational challenges implicit in a voyage to the Outer Brewsters. Reference nautical chart #13270, Boston Harbor, or access the orthographic charts on online.

This is a “pro” race requiring skill, maturity, and a good chart. Prize categories are for the 1st “open” 6-oared gig, 1st “open” four-oared gig, 1st single workboat, double workboat, 1st single, double, triple and quad livery boat, 1st single and double slider and 1st single and double kayak. We request that coxed boats pre-register for this event. As with all HLMI races, all boats must carry PFDs, bailers, and whistles (or another sound device). The HLMI Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the race or keep individual boats from setting forth due to weather conditions or rower skill level.

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