Dramatically situated at the mouth of Boston Harbor, with breathtaking views of Boston Light and the Graves Lighthouse, the museum is located in the restored 19th century Point Allerton US Lifesaving Station, home of Joshua James and his crews, the most celebrated lifesavers in the world.

adult programs, LECTURES & walking tours

David RobinsonLecture: Fearless Devotion: An Accounting of the Sinking and Salvage of the US Submarine S-4
Thursday, October 5, 2023
7:00 - 8:0 pm
Location: Hull Lifesaving Museum, 1117 Nantasket Ave., Hull
$5 Suggested Donation

The S-4 was lost with all hands in 102 feet of water after being accidentally rammed off Provincetown by the USCG destroyer Hiram Poulding on December 17, 1927. David's great-great uncle, Thomas Eadie, served as the S-4 rescue and recovery effort's Chief Diver and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism in saving a fellow USN diver who became badly entangled in the sub's wreckage. The story of the S-4's recovery is a personal one for David and is intertwined with his family's multi-generational history of professional diving. 

spring street houseHull Village Architecture Walking Tour
Saturday, October 7, 2023
10am - 12:00 noon
Fee: $15 per person

Get ready for Hills and Architectural Thrills! Join us as we explore the architecture of Hull Village from the Colonial era to the Contemporary. Learn more.

spring street houseClash of Cultures: The Pilgrims and the People of the First Light
with Sean Baggett
Saturday, November 25, 2022
10am - 12:00 noon
Y Street Parking Lot, Hull, MA Learn more. 



Boston LightMaritime History Tour of Hull Village
October 3, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Donation $15.00

Hull is steeped in maritime history from the ships that first plied the waters of Massachusetts Bay to the lifesavers who rescued the mariners when they got into trouble to our famous lighthouses guiding ships to safety and much more. Tour leader, Sean Baggett, HLM Board Member and Hull Village resident is also an accomplished photographer and will look for photo opportunities along the way, so bring a camera.
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Architecture TourArchitecture of Hull Village
October 10, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Donation $15.00

Hull Village is one of the oldest communities on the South Shore and, throughout its settled history, beautiful homes have been designed and built. Many of these stately homes are now off the beaten path as the main roads were built for expediency, by-passing these gems. Our tour leader is Chad Wolfe, HLM Board Member and lifelong Hull resident.
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Ft RevereGeology Walking Tour - How Hull Geology Impacted History, from the early native peoples to present day.
October 24, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Donation: $15.00

The land masses and waterways of Boston Harbor and the Hull peninsula shaped the use of the land from early hunting, fishing and farming to harbor defenses, summer vacation oasis and more. Join Sean Baggett for this fascinating look at Hull, like you may never have looked at it before.
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Walking TourWalking Tour of Hull Village & Fort Revere
November 28, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Donation: $15.00

Join guide Sean Baggett as he leads a walking tour starting at the museum and proceeding through picturesque Hull Village and historic Fort Revere. Space is limited for this popular tour so secure your reservations early: tickets go on sale September 29, 2020
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Nantasket in BoatroomPoint Allerton US Lifesaving Station Interactive Tours

Point Allerton U.S. Lifesaving Station, constructed in 1889, was home to Captain Joshua James and his crew, America's greatest lifesavers, renowned for saving hundreds of shipwrecked mariners from peril in Boston Harbor. The tour begins with a brief history of organized lifesaving, emphasizing the contributions of volunteer lifesavers, continues onto the Galley where children learn about daily life at the station, then, onto the Boat Room to see the treasure of the museum collection - the storied surfboat Nantasket. Learn more.

Breeches Buoy CoastieThe Breeches Buoy

The Breeches Buoy rescue allowed lifesaving crews to carry shipwreck survivors safely to shore. A line firing gun sent a lifeline to the wrecked ship. Through this ingenious system lifesaving crews were able to send the breeches buoy to the ship. On shore, the lifesavers worked as a crew to haul the "whip line," pulling the breeches buoy along the hawser, and the survivors, one by one, over the water to safety. Children's groups can participate in breeches buoy reenactments from May through September with children playing the roles of lifesaving crew and shipwreck survivors. Learn more.

adult workshops & COURSES


Marianne Friday PainterFriday Painters in Hull~ An Informal En Plein Air Painting Group
Friday Mornings 9:00 - 12:00 noon
Free to all.

It's not too late to join local artists, professional and amateur alike on Friday mornings throughout the summer for En Plein Air painting around the many scenic spots in Hull.

All artists are welcome to participate, from beginners to professionals painting typically from 9:00am to noon. Please bring materials of your choice. A chair, hat, and water bottle are recommended.

Here's the schedule through 9/8/23:
- Aug 25 - Village Playground, 135 Spring St.
- Sept 1 - Town Gazebo, Corner of Nantasket Ave. and Bay St.
- Sept 8 - Mariners Park, Adjacent to Salt Water Club & Hull Yacht Club, 5 Fitzpatrick Way

lotusPhotography Workshop ~ Understanding Light and Exposure with Sean Baggett
Tuesday evenings, September 12 - October 10, 2023
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: Hull Lifesaving Museum, 1117 Nantasket Ave., Hull
(There will also be a remote photo shoot. (location & time TBD)
Fee: $65
Class limited to 20 persons

Are you ready to take your love of photography to the next level? Join us for a fun, practical approach to getting the most out of your camera. Turn your camera mode to "Manual" and come join us. To learn more please email or call us at 781-925-5433. 

Note: Bring Your Camera to Class

Sean is passionate about taking ordinary moments and making them special and taking special moments and making them timeless. Sean's classes are informal, interactive and welcoming.

lotusLifesaving Sangha ~ Mindfulness Meditation Group with Sean Baggett
Wednesday evenings 
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: Hull Lifesaving Museum, 1117 Nantasket Ave., Hull
Free to all

Join us for fun, informal conversation, and community, where we discuss practical approaches and interesting topics related to living peacefully in the here and now. These sessions will also include a period of insight meditation. If you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner, or at the beginning of your journey, or just curious, come on in and join us. All are welcome and there is no commitment or cost. To learn more please email or call us at 781-925-54533. 

Sean is a mindfulness practitioner and a student of Buddhist philosophy. He has taught similar courses at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility and The Anchor in Hull. Sean's classes are easy going, informal and welcoming.

Online Book Club with Mike McGurl
Alternate Thursday Evenings: 7-8:00 pm
Free to all.

Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories by Simon Winchester.  
In a narrative tour de force, the author dramatizes the life of the Atlantic Ocean, from its birth in the farther recesses of geological time to its eventual extinction millions of years in the future.

This book club is intended to be a low-intensity fun activity. If you fall behind in the reading or miss a session, jump back in when you pressure.

To participate, simply send us an email and we will send you an invitation before the first meeting.

military services1st Friday Veterans' Coffee Hour
1st Friday of Each Month
9:00 am
Free to all

Military veterans are invited to the museum the first Friday of every month for an hour of coffee and conversation in the Boat Room. Each session has a special focus and provides attendees with a community calendar of events, free activities and updates on services for Veterans.  For information please call (781) 925-5433 or email

Hull Lifesaving Museum   |   P.O. Box 221, 1117 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA  02045   |   (781) 925-5433


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